denkfragment #7

i’m kind of depressed…
yesterday i watched avatar and wonder why we can’t even learn from a stupid movie like avatar to take care about our planet… what is our aim? i can’t understand it! where is progress leading us?

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2 Responses to “denkfragment #7”

  • If I was a business consultant, I could afford to live in a hotel, eat in restaurants and have my suit cleaned by other people everyday. But maybe I should just earn less money, make food together with my wife, do the laundry myself and live on the country side. Wouldn’t the only difference be that I might have not so much “satisfaction” as I could with being a business consultant? And even that is doubtable, for me at least.

    PS: avatar, not avator :)

  • great thought on this satisfaction thing…
    what i’m also recogniseing is this search for happiness and freedome. lately, this ideas are bound to mobility and in a way to a personal globalization… what i don’t get about this mobility thing is that we’re losing all our connections and relationships with our beloved folks… or in other words can’t even establish deep relationships.
    i’m quite curious about this new kind of values that replace the old, course i don’t think there are for the better.

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